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Flat Strip Woven Geotextile

Flat strip woven geotextile is made of polypropylene and polythene C flat strip as raw materials, by two sets of parallel yarn(its shape is flat wire), one set of longitudinal yarn (along the loom marching  direction)called  warp,  another  set  of horizontal layout  called  weft.  Using  different weaving equipments and processes interweave together and make woven cloth, and weave into different  thickness  and  compactness  according  to  different  using  range.  Generally,  woven geotextile is thinner, but has quite strong tensile strength in MD and CD(MD higher than CD) with good stability.


Weight: 90g/m2 – 400g/m2

Width: 4-6m


1. Reinforcement: used in highway, railway, airport, dam, breakwater slope, retaining wall backfill soil, slope rock engineering to disperse soil stress, increase soil modulus and limit soil slip to improve stability.

2.  Protection:  prevent  the  bank  from wind,  wave,  tide  and  rain  erosion,  and  used  for  bank protection, slope protection, bottom protection to prevent water loss and soil erosion.

3. Filtration: used in filter layer of dam, dyke, river, coastal rocks, slope, retaining wall to prevent sand grains through and allow water or air free to pass through