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Hydragrout HAC is a high alumina cement non shrink grout was originally designed for sea water corrosion and thermal resistance. Hydragrout HAC is supplied as a ready-to- use dry powder, requiring only the addition of water to produce a free flowing, non-shrink grout which will maintain its original volume after curing.


Hydragrout  HAC  is designed for sea water corrosion  resistance because  of  the main characteristics which are:

●   Unique    hydration process without soluble free lime.

●   Rapid  hardening  necessary  to  work between low tide and high tide.

●   Hardening  in  cold  environments  and under water.

●   Abrasion  resistance  to  sand  and  to waves

Hydragrout HAC is not only have the chemical resistance properties but also resistance to high temperature resistance and thermal shock because of  the main characteristics which are:

●   High   early   strength   mortar   which maybe put into service 24 hr. after placing if a gradual heating schedule is followed

●   Stability during thermal cycling

●   High temperature strength and resistance to thermal shock


●   Excellent flow properties.

●   High   compressive,   flexural   and bond strengths.

●   Free from Chlorine and corrosive effects.

●   Dimensional stability.

●   No bleeding.

●   Non-toxic.

Packaging 25kh/bag

Made in thailand