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Hydratherm IMS is designed for fire protection rating in according with BS476:Part 21 and with respect to ASTM E119 for all kinds of structural steel constructions
Hydratherm IMS is a high performance thin film coating composition developed to meet the ever increasing Physical phase Innovative products for your success demands for fast track constructions, providing both the designer and construction team with cost effective and creative solutions for fire protection. 
Hydratherm IMS is a solvent based material used mainly where you require quick curing time and can be left up to 6 - 8 months without giving finish topcoat in adverse weather conditions. With it’s high solid content max. of 72% the coverage area per liter of paint used is higher.
In the event of fire the coating expands 100 times its original thickness, which means a 1 mm. DFT will expand up to 100mm. by series of chemical reactions triggered by the heat of the fire. This process will start  this process will start at the temprature of around 200. oC  the thick double layer insulates structural steel from the heat of, even the most severe fire and its associated turbulent air currents.

To protect the steel structure frames from collapse of due to heat of fire

Hydratherm IMS will protect the steel in 2 Phases. 
Gas phase 
The Hydratherm IMS
 will stop the radical mechanism of the combustion process that takes place in the gas phase. The exothermic processes, which occur in the flame, are thus stopped, the system cools down, and the supply of flammable gases are reduced eventually and completely suppressed. The high-reactive radicals HO• and H• can react in the gas phase with other radicals, such as the gas which released from Hydrathrem IMS when heated, X resulted from flame retardant degradation. Less reactive radicals which decrease the kinetics of the combustion are created and also decreases the heat transfer from the fire to the steel structure